Sell it to me!!!

I have not been involved with a Jeep club in a few years I have seen your club around at different events and stopped here looking for more info on the “Go Topless day”. I see a Foxboro location but don’t see anymore info. Please let me know if anything is or is not happening.
A lil about me… Live in Northern RI. I enjoy giving back when i can, I recently headed up an event working with Park managers and a group of my peeps at a MA state park. SWEET MONKEY day even in the rain!!! I like to wheel, trail ride what ever you wanna call it. I dont beat the bag out of my gear, tread lightly and respect the environment.

I may be looking for a club again, so tell me why OSJ?


Information on Go Topless Day can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1879

The address is on the flyer. The event will be hosted by WC Motorsports, directly across from Gillette Stadium.

Why OSJ? Thats easy. Because we have Paul. Next question.


But in all seriousness, the philosphy within OSJ is to let you decide if the club is right for you. All you need to do is e-mail in an application then you will be invited to all club events. Come hang out, meet everybody, and have a good time. After attending a couple events and one club meeting its decision time. You can find more information here:

See you on the trail!!!

welcome, thanks for stopping in and saying hi. We are a mild wheeling club with most of us on about 33’s with a good mix of rigs, abilities and people. The majority of us drive our rigs to and from trail rides but we dont discriminate against trailer queens. we are having a ton of great event coming up so hopefully we can get you out to a couple. Like Technohead said, just fill out an app and will open access to a couple more forum sections including events.

Go Topless Day will be held at WC Motorsports at 59 Washington Street in Foxboro. Our next event is a trail ride this weekend and a quarterly meeting at the end of the month.

Because we are pretty much BAMFS! LOL… plus we are hosting 2 big events this summer and hopefully the 3rd will be just as big! So you tell me? Why wouldn’t you want to be apart of an active club where the members get a long and have fun doing what we enjoy doing? Wheeling and helping each other out with our rigs and anything else one might need help with! That is why you should come join us and be a part of the crew! Plus again did I mention we are BAMFS? (LOL) :laughing:


Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you out at a few events!

Technohead Posted;

Why OSJ? Thats easy. Because we have Paul. Next question.

:laughing: Luv u 2 man! Thanks to all at OSJ for your support and I hope to be bouncing (off rocks) back soon!

^^^ This is Paul.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I look forward to meeting all of you. i will be at the meeting on Sunday, possibly with another potential OSJ newbie.
I will also be at the GTD, maybe even working with you. I do a hell of a job with parking and would be willing to help for a few hours give or take.