Scrap Donation to Land Fund - Can we move en entire unibody?

My roommate just stripped down a Subaru WRX as a donor for the kit car he is building. He has the entire unibody stripped of parts and setting on a lift in his garage in Matunuck.

his description:
just the bare frame
no body panels
no doors
no suspension
just whatever is welded to the unibody, anything removable is already off it

He said if we have a way to get the entire thing out of there, we can have it for scrap as a donation to the land fund. Obviously it could fit onto a trailer, but moving an item that large that has no wheels seems like a challenge. I’m guessing it’s at least 500-1000lbs.

Anyone have any experience and want to help tackles this? His dad was also going to give the same offer to one of his friends, so it’s first come first serve. The old man wants his garage back lol

I believe in RI you need to have the title or last registration to scrap a car or a carcass. I have scraped a few cars like this and the people who came to get it usually take a sawsall to it and then its metal not a car…


I have trailer. Best case scenario for me to pick it up is Sunday if I can’t get out fishing. Anybody else is welcome to use my truck/trail to tackle this job.

I’m willing to help but i think Glenn is right on needing a title, unless its cut up.

Yup cut it up into smaller parts sawzall and two blades should do it.

Should only take about 4 hours to get it down to small enuff peaces.

i’ll help to cut it up along with Erics old rig

sounds like a fun day with the plasma cutter :sunglasses: