Save the Date: October 15th 2016 Crawling For A Cure

Crawling For A Cure will have our 4th Annual event in Monson MA at the Quaboag Riders M/C on October 15th. This year proceeds are going to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation as well as The Pink Angels Inc an organization that assists Breast Cancer patients in New England with treatment related expenses and assistance. Last year we donated a total of $10,000.00 and we hope to donate a lot more this year! Admission to the event is $20 and we will have raffles, trail rides, a vendor area and more. We would appreciate any volunteers for the event and welcome people to set up a club booth at our event as well. If anyone is interested in being a vendor or donating a raffle prize to us please email us at Please feel free to cross post this on other forums or anywhere you feel appropriate.

Thank you,
Jeff and the Crawling For A Cure team

More info and updates can be found here:

I would like to know if we can borrow the RTI Ramp again this year?

Also for anyone that would like to volunteer for the event please either post here or message me.

For the record I know there is at least one thread on the forum regarding shirt sponsorship and the like and I am not planning to look at those threads. Its a bit awkward being a club member and event organizer sometimes so I want to minimize the impact of that. :wink:

I really hope OSJ can do a booth at our event this year to help promote the club and GTD. Please let me know if you want to confirm for the booth.

We are doing a pre-run of the trails 10/2 and from what I have been told they have added to and removed one of the newer trails ( I dont think it was cut before GTD) so there have been some changes onsite. I welcome anyone that wants to help in any capacity.

Also if we would love it if anyone is willing to share the event and invite friends. We are in the process of creating Crawling For A Cure Offroad in order to help grow our volunteer base some, but at present it is only Kristin and I running things so any assistance is greatly appreciated… :sunglasses:


We passed the hat and came up with $140 or so for the t-shirt spot. Consider that a done deal.

There is another thread seeking volunteers to take ownership of the club booth (i.e. setup, staffing, teardown). So far no takers. I plan to attend the event and will help staff booth if its there but will not be taking the lead. Its always the same few (very few) taking the lead and that needs to change.

I will take care of the RTI ramp, and can pick it up, unless whoever has it is going to be there and brings it, but I will staff it. I’ll be looking for a short break to run at least one trail that day, if there are any generous souls that can relieve me.

I will be there and I will help with working the booth or the RTI ramp.

PS… I may want a chance to do one run on the black trails also :wink:

thanks guys! Please send me your actual name and shirt size if you want to help out. We are trying to avoid a free for all with Volunteer shirts this year as your girlfriend sure looks cute sitting on her butt in our shirt but i essence she is stealing from a volunteer that wants to spot on the trail… :blush: I’m sure we get that a little with GTD and our other events…

John, lg
Leslie will be doing all the form filling Med

thanks anyone else aside from John, Leslie, Mike L and Cody that want to volunteer let me know and I will add you to the spreadsheet… :slight_smile:

Jeff, I’ll be bringing the OSJ trailer to the event and setting up the Booth. A few questions:

  1. Time to arrive for setup?
  2. Reserve space by the Booth for my Jeep?
  3. Can I park the OSJ trailer with my Jeep at the Booth or do trailers go somewhere else?

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thanks! Can you message me your email address? Set up starts at 7 and must be completed by 9am. The trailer can be parked behind the booth if you like or potentially next to it. Our vendor form has a spot for vehicle in the booth so just check that box… :smiley:

Glad that we will have a booth at my event this year! :sunglasses:

Our big event is only a few days away now. We did a pre-run of the property a week or so ago. We will have stock friendly guided Green trails, Blue trails for 33" and up and for the first time at CFAC we will be opening the black trail up for 35" lock/lock winch. We had a roll and a axle snap on that trail so its not for the newbie with banana skin tread. $20 to enter and $5 per trail ride. All proceeds to benefit breast cancer research and survivors. Last year we donated 10K.

FB Event page

Some pics from the pre-run.

Scott Carnis after a barrel roll in his buggy.

Green trail

Entrance to the blue trail.


One of the ledges on the black trail. Only a few folks didnt have to winch over this due to the stair stack terrain and under bite on the ledge.

Looks like a blast Jeff! I hope someone from OSJ can man the Booth for a few while i buy a trail ticket and get out there.

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I will be there to help with the booth. I gotcha, Sean.

Thanks Greg! Same here!

Im going also, will help out with the booth

I will be there to help out with booth. If needed, I can also help out with spotting, etc.

I too, will be there can help out with the booth trails etc.

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as I mentioned before I am staying out of any other threads on CFAC to avoid any kind of conflict of interest.

If you want to help out we can use spotters and such for the trails. Just send me a PM with your real name and shirt size and we can add you to the volunteer list… :slight_smile: Might need a few people to run Black trails a time or two for either gunners or leaders too. :sunglasses: