Saturday wrench session

I still havent resolved my leaking gas tank issue from the last ride, gonna drop the tank, hopefully fix, and reinstall with new gas tank skid. i’m in tiverton if anyones interested

i might be able stop by for a few. the girlfriend is running some marathon thing in Newport so we’ll see how the day goes.

running sounds like fun?


I thought he meant running as in she was in charge of running the event!

nope running as in strap a number to your chest and book it. and i guess the event is in Warwick then suppose to have lunch with a friend who just graduated from JWU so i’ll see where that leaves me time wise.

123 cypress ave if you can make it

Where is the Marathon going through Newport?

I can’t make it because I am just now going to bed after 33 hours of awake time.

it was in Warwick for a friends community development program. the money went to help the local elementary school stay afloat.

i thought taxes did that :unamused: :laughing:

got the tank down successfully, the sending unit plate that attaches to the tank was all rotted out. seamingly it is only avail thru dealerships, and comes as a complete unit, fuel pump and all. i just had the pump replaced last summer. to continue next saturday weather pending. there is some crud in the bottom of the tank, i tried to flush it as much as possible. should i be concerned at all, or just go with it. it is cleaner now than it was before, so i’m sure it would be fine

Call Jeff at Crown Automotive. 877-298-5337. The shop is located on RT 138 in Canton, MA. Not far from where I-95 and I-93 meet.

Tell him Eric from OSJ sent you.