Rock slider steps

Got some tubing to build steps on my rock sliders. Does anyone have experience with this project and have the tools, etc to give me a hand? I have no knowledge of working with tubing or bending it. Any help would be great!

Sounds like you missed out on this thread:


The tube bender is not ready to use yet. We still need to build a mounting system. Hopefully you bought 1.75" tube.

I had Elias bend the tubes on my sliders then I welded them together. The key to success is making sure the pieces fit together without any gaps before welding.

The welding isnt the problem for me, it is the bending and measuring etc. if i got that done i can have a buddy weld it on for me

scott cains might be able to help you out

We can do it if your tube is 1.75" and you can wait until the bender mounting system is built. I’d also recommend a short length of 1.25" tube for stand-offs. You can see how I did mine here:


Scroll down.