RFID Keyless Ignition

I started to design a “keyless” ignition for my jeep. The ignition switch is starting to go, and I thought it would be fun to rewire it to use toggle switches and a push button. The only thing is that ANYONE could start the jeep and take off. So after researching after market “keyless” ignitions, they all seem to be around the $400 range.

I believe that the new keyless systems use an active rfid system, which allows the wireless key to be with in feet of the vehicle and still work.

After shopping around, I found the parts to build my own set up. The only difference other than costing less than $40, it will use a passive rfid tag. passive rfid tags dont have batteries so they will never wear out, but they only work from about 5 or less inches from the sensor.

so on the the good stuff…

here is the ignition switch pinout for an 04 tj

here is my inital design.

once my parts come in, ill post an update

Cool idea, you’ll have to make me one next :mrgreen:

just build in a cut off switch under the dash

That’s purpose of the rfid switch. No-one can start the vehicle with out a rfid key, with out rewiring it

Here are the components I bought:

40A relays

RFID reader module

Starter button

ACC & Run switches

Are you interested in wiring up my CB?

I can help with that :laughing:

why not just run a new wire to the starter from a push buttong and power the push button off the battery (with a inline fuse) and still use the key? thats what i did in my yj.

Because the switch is going bad. I have had the jeep shut off randomly a few times for bumping the steering column.

Plus the wires are already there, and I like making things work. Electrical things are also easy for me.

And lastly why not?




That is awesome ricky. I want it lol

I could see guys with buggys wanting this.