Replacement Brake lines

Hey guys,

So I need to replace/extend my brake lines on my jeep (94 YJ). It’s going to end up lifted somewhere around 4" from suspension and 1" body. Any suggestions on what the best option is for a whole new set of lines? I’d like to keep the cost down if I could, but if I have to spend a little to get something good that will last I will.

For the front lines you should be able to just relocate the mount down a few inches and that should suffice. For the rear you can just get and extension at NAPA for like $4-$6.

How do the extensions work exactly?

Just like it sounds, it’s just a hard line to lengthen it. You unscrew where the flex hose connects to the hard line and just place the extension between them and you are all set.

personally i like replaceing the brake hose with longer ones. I hate hard lines. i just cross referenced the fittings with the hose length. I used a 91 dakota rear line that was 5" longer and chevrolet c1500 front lines that were 5" longer as well. all three cost about $12 each and they were direct bolt in. You can cross reference on NAPA’s website.

good luck relocating the front lines. they used GOD DAMN torx to fasten the bracket to the frame, not to mention they are both directly under the inner wheel well…now they are tie wrapped to the sway bar thats tie wrapped to the frame. i ended up buying a set of braided stainless lines from 4wd, think the set may have been around $90. but they have plenty of choices and price points

by the way. i had never extended my brake lines with that lift in my rig. i only recently did because of my axle swap and new brakes all around

Couldn’t I just buy longer hoses? My knowledge of brakes is pretty poor. oh and the reason I’m talking about replacements is because SOMEONE (either ryan or bill) broke my rear brake line while helping to install the lift. They don’t want to admit who haha.

I don’t know who did it. Next time I’ll stand back and just watch you do all the work to be sure I don’t break anything.

Yes, just replace the hose(s).

I’ll still blame you.