Regearing my Jeep

So my plans for the Jeep this spring is to Regear it to 4.88. Before I start ordering all the parts I have a few questions. Because my Jeep has a 8.25 in the rear gear selection for 4.88 is rare. So far the only manufacturers I have found is G2 and some other company that I can’t remember now. Would it be ok if i bought the Axle rebuild kit from Alloy and the gears from G2? or should I stick with the same company for both? the reason I ask is that alloy seems to have a complete kit available and G2 does not.

Check out Yukon.

Just bring the whole thing to Mitchell differential and let them deal with it.

I looked at yukon and they only go upto 4.56 for the 8.25.

I gave mitchell a call and they gave me a ruff estimate of $2000 for the rear to regear and install an OX locker. thats with all the parts included, and $1000 for the front to just regear it.

woops Aparently I didn’t look hard enough. They do offer 4.88 for the rear.

Sounds about right; especially with axles still in the vehicle.

OX Locker: $1,000
Gears: $375
Master overhaul kit: $150
= $1,500 and change already

$500 more for the labor is fair.

That was the quote they gave me if I deliver the axles out of the Jeep and partially disassembled for them already. And the OX locker only cost $875

Just buy axles already geared to 4.88! :mrgreen:

Yea I had my eye on a D30 hoping the guy infront of me didn’t get the money in time. :wink:

we had this conversation. they want way too much money to regear. buy all the components, ill drive up one weekend to pick up the axles, and bring them back to the guy who regeared my d30. i think he charged me $300 labor. … 305.640682 … 320.640914
didnt see 4.88’s, but you should call and ask

Mitchell’s flat rate to regear is $350.

Ask Derick if he thinks its worth it? :mrgreen:

RI Driveshaft and Bay State Offroad get $500 flat rate.

Its hard asking these companies to support us if we don’t support them. . .

They don’t call them GenuWHINE gears for nothing . . .

Cheap = harder to setup = not as durable = more expensive.

i think its worth it… so far, lol

it did take me a bit of time and i was rushed at the end so i had to finally settle on a pattern. 250 miles in and so far they sound fine. got up to 75mph today for the first time in 4 weeks :cry: we’ll see what it looks like when i hit 500 miles and pull the cover

Well I called Mitchell again. Had a good talk with the guy, and he gave me another ruff quote. He said that he would be able to give me an accurate quote once I get the axles to him. but as of now he said I was looking at $850 for the front and $1800 for the rear. Also he would be able to get it done in a week. So this Sunday(depending if I get my Jeep inspected on Saturday) I’ll be taking both axles out of the Jeep. I also talked to him a little about GTD.