Receiver hitch

A cousin of mine who owns a YJ is looking for a stock hitch. Anyone have one laying around?

I have a Hidden Hitch Round Tube Class III Trailer Hitch for 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ
it might work for a yj but im not sure

Is there a model number on it so I can cross reference it? Also, how much do you want for it?

ill have to look for 1 tomorow, $50 gets it delivered to your door

OK cool. I’ll ask him if he wants it after I figure out if it fits. Do you have the hardware for it too? I’m sure he’s gonna ask.

I do actualy, i just found it last weekend :smiley:

Did you get the model number yet? I need to know if it’s going to fit before I ask him if he wants it.

Here is what it looks like

& the info on it, images are clickable

Thanks for the pics Jeff, but I’ve tried to research the 7050S number and I can’t find anything on it. Unless someone else can figure this out, I’m going to tell him either grow longer arms, or buy pants that don’t have deep pockets! :laughing:

I can always bring it with me if i come on sat, or i can try to match it up to jonnyri’s since he lives like 3 seconds from me

Cool :sunglasses: I just need to know if it fits before I ask him.

I just tried a search with every possible letter/number there is at the end of that 7050 number and nothing came up. There must be another part number on that somewhere.

Tell me about it! :angry: I went through 147 pages of research! :astonished: