Rebuilt 231

Rebuilt NP231 HD/Jeep hybrid transfer case. Started out as a Jeep NP231J, 23 spline long input. I have added a Tera 2Low kit, new bearings and seals, wide chain conversions, standard 32 spline SYE, and a mounting spacer for adapting to short input shaft applications.

This is a direct replacement for any NP231J with a 23 spline input. A great upgrade for any one wanting a heavy duty transfer case without switching to 4:1 (this is still a 2.72:1 case)

The stock 231 chain is 1" wide - the HD chain is 1.25" wide. Internal sprockets had to be upgraded at the same time. The wider chain can handle more torque, making it less prone to stretch.

The 2Low kit provides the benefit of true low range gearing, while allowing the front to freely turn. It lets you choose 2 Low in addition to the other standard options. The 2 Low kit will eliminate drive train bind and most of your three-point turns. This kit is completely internal and does not require any external modifications.

$800 obo

Questions text 4019966691

I want it soooooooo bad. it will deff handle my v8. just don’t have 800 hanging around

wish it had the 4:1… :frowning:

same here :laughing: that was the main factor for switching to the dana 300.

make an offer, I’m open to reasonable offers. I am not expecting to get 800 for this case, and OSJ members would get a better deal than some stranger.

As for you ZJ… I don’t know if it will bolt to your trans, as I don’t know what you have in it. However if you look into most transfer cases use the same 6 bolt circle.

I know a 231 off a 96+ aw4 will bolt on to my trans no problem. My trans is a 44re 5.2 v8

Then it should work for you

I offer $200, and a kiss

I could possible do 400 after income taxes