rear shocks

Does anyone have one have any stock rear shocks they dont need?
Eye @ each end.
I need them for the truck.

ohhh i think i left the set off mine at Pauls when i put on the lift. sucks because they didn’t have many miles on them. i’ll check in the shed when i get home and will let you know.

I think I have a set of TJ shocks in my garage, I’m not sure though.

I’ll be by my parents today and will check, if I do I’ll toss them in my truck and bring them to work tonight, Pep Boys in Warwick, give me a call there 8263336x3 between 2 and 9

ahh so that’s your TJ i see there…

Yeah, I was down in the Seekonk store before, but someone left, and I got moved over there. You work in the area?

i used to but still live right down the road. i drive by there atleast once or twice a week

just got home & saw this, i have to go to pep tomorrow. If you have them & will be there give me a call