Rear Shock Broke

Does anybody know where i can pickup a replacement for the top shock mount the bracket that goes through the top part of the shock it is the pin with the flat ends on it.It broke. :cry: Thanks Mike,

Are you talking about the pin that slides through the eye of the shock, flattened out on each end?

Yes the pin i plan on getting new shocks but money is a little tight wright now. I need the pin from a old shock maybe i can press it out.I dont want to buy 1 new shock because these skyjacker shocks suck.I plan on replaceing them all when i get the money.I bandade for now.

I might have one, ill look in a bit

It sounds like you are describing a bar pin. I might suggest getting some bar pin eliminators when you get your new shocks.

I might have 2 at the garage. Won’t be able to check until monday though. Working a double tomorrow.

Might be a good time to install a set of these: So you don’t snap another.

I will look too, I may have one laying around. Call skyjacker, tell them you need one…maybe they can toss you a freebie in the mail? They sent me new bushing for my steering stabilizer for the bubble.


I have your pin, in fact, the whole shock for a 4" lift, if ya need it.

nope mine are gone

Was thinking could we could make 1 ? :wink: but i see that Jay has one

Thanks for all the help. :smiley: Jay gave a spare shock to use till i get my new shocks in. :wink: