Re-introducing myself

Hi there. My name is Austin. I’m from Lincoln. I became a registered user awhile ago but haven’t been active. So I’m returning and want to show you what I’ve been working on. Here she is.

It’s a 98 Cherokee. With a 14 bolt rear(shaved) a ford Dana 60 front both regeared to 4.56’s and a custom built 3link radius arm front. 35’s, humvee wheels. Etc. it’s flexible and fun. Hope to see you guys on the trail someday.

Welcome back to the forum.

Welcome, i know is last min but you should try and make to our meeting tomorrow. Get your app in and you will be able to view the events section

Yeah buddy!
Love those trimmed wheel wells and the “customized” rockers!

welcome back

Welcome back…don’t be a stranger this time!

Welcome bac I Austin

Thanks for hooking me up with the grille

haha. yeah man. kinda had to squeeze between some boulders…boulders won :smiley:
sooner or later ill replace my rockers with some 2x4 rectanguler steel tubing and/or boatsides.

no problem man. anything for a fellow wheeler.

Welcome Austine, still alot of great wheeling to be had for the rest of the year, hopefully you can get out to a couple

looks good, hows the clearance with 35’s?

The clearance with 35’s isn’t that bad. i don’t hit many things if that’s what your wondering. tire placement is always on my mind. Also the 14 is shaved making clearance better.

35’s are the new 42’s