Re-introducing myself

Some of you may know me, some not. My name is Travis.

I used to have a green TJ, factory alloys, 31" coopers.
Traded, got a supercharged Cooper.
Traded, got another TJ.

04, X, 6 cyl, auto, D30, D35, 3.73, Silver, Black Top

I’ve bolted on a couple bumpers, lights, 2.5" lift, wheels, 33" Trxus MTs.

Now I just gotta get wheeling again. :blush:

Just as a note, this is very tech :laughing:

Yes i remember you and when you got that cooper, welcome back hope to see you on the trail again :sunglasses:

HEEYYYY! Welcome back to the jeep side! How’d that Cooper treat ya?

Welcome back!

No pictures = no Jeep! Post them up. :laughing:


what about this weekend?

Cooper treated me pretty well. It was a blast to drive, people loved it, and took some long (12+ hours) trips with it. I missed having a Jeep, realized my mistake, and made the situation right again :laughing:

First and only picture of my Jeep, taken with my phone just for OSJ.

I won’t be able to make it this weekend, I’ve got to work, and I’ve still got a few things to sort out with the Jeep before it would meet tech, and I would be comfortable with it.

those were the rims i was looking at when i was gonna buy new but i found a used set of alloy with tires cheap. i still like those though

I was all over them because of the price, they were $100 with 31" (bald) tires. I ran the tires for a month, and then scored the 5 MTs (33"s) for $500.

THAT’S the kind of deal I am looking for… let me know if you see something out there. I have been stalking Craigslist for weeks now.

just be patient. look on a bunch of other jeep forums to

Yeah, that’s where I got mine if I remember right, the old OSJ forum, and the tires were from NEOW.

:sunglasses: very nice, congrats on your new Jeep

Wow, nice . . . phone! :laughing:

welcome back to the dark side :smiling_imp:

nice jeep