Question about YJ guages

Bought a YJ the other day finally after searching XJ and YJs for a while. I love everything about it except…

The gas guage works but is about 1/8 a tank off… (full is past the F mark, while empty is really about at the 1/8th of a tank mark) and the speedo guage does not light up, all other guages do. (speedo works).

Was just wondering what steps to take to troubleshoot this, the speedo seems like it may be as simple as a bulb but it’s never that easy haha.


cody is the gauges master, maybe he can give you some insight

what year is it? i Ended up putting aftermarket gauges in my 87 because mine were screwed.


gauge bulbs are easy to replace. believe they be #160’s, you’ll have to dbl check. just have to remove cluster bezel, unscrew gauge cluster, and all bulbs are located on back of cluster.
unfortunately to try to remedy the fuel gauge you’ll have to drop gas tank and remove sending unit to make any necessary adjustments…if any can even be made at all. kinda a pain in the ass to get the tank down. you’re prob best off just leaving it alone until something of more importance requires dropping gas tank
good luck