PSC Steering box - TJ & YJ

I have a very new PSC steering box that I am selling. This is what PSC use to sell as their rebuilt factory replacement however when I got I felt that there was to much play in it so I sent it back. When speaking with PSC we opted to upgrade it to the thicker shaft to give it a stiffer feel. I removed it because there is still about an inch play in it (never thought about adjusting it until someone mentioned it at the festival…)

Here is a link to the new model which is similar to this custom built one … -3623.html

Not sure what to ask for it…

how hard it’s it to adjust

Never done it personally but from what I read you just loosen the jam nut and turn the screw in or out. FYI, Cody has expressed an interest in this box but if he doesn’t want it then you would be next in line. I will make the same deal to you as him, Install it and try it for a week or two, if you don’t like it then you can return it and if you do then you can pay for it then.

How much do you want for it?

No idea whats a good price… I paid almost $300.00 for it but do not expect that… This one has less then a mile on it.

Is it set up to accept lines for a hydraulic ram kit?

It has the same fittings as the factory power steering box does.