Project Cherokee Demon continues

Just thought i’d start throwing up my updates on how the rig is coming along. Also a mini wright up on upper control arm bushing replacement.

I fixed the tranny line in the parking lot after work on friday. Only took me an hour or so and all looks well. Tranny isnt acting any differently so i think i’m ok. On sunday i came to the shop and ended up fighting with the jeep for 2 hours to get the new longer front brake lines in, but it is finally done. It took forever to get the old lines to break loose off the hard line. PB Blaster wasn’t doing a damn thing and i let it soak for a few days before hand. I decided to test out how much slack i have and at full flex they are still swingin in the wind.

Fully flexed

I think i may have broken something because i now have a new noise. I heard a nice pop when lifting her and now something is rattling against the bell or firewall. Maybe i blew my tranny mount or something.

Also i saw Jeepin Dave replaced his upper control arm bushings and he had a hell of a time. I thought i’d have a better way of doing it without a press. I did a practice run on my spare axle in the shop.

Heat for 5 mins with torch

Push out pin and bushing material with screwdriver

Cut bushing sleeve with hack saw

Cave in the sleeve with a screw driver and pop that out as well

Got it out in just under 30 mins. I know what you’re going to say though, bad idea to have that much fire under the engine compartment. I figure i have enough axle droop where i can jack up the body and not worry about it though. I’m going to replace all four on the jeep this week so we’ll see how it goes.

actually i was thinking MMMmmMMmm Becks

nice work. i need to try and flex out my Jeep one of these days. i need to think about shocks and bump stops

Fortunately, my upper control arm bushing just fell out once I removed the control arm.

Haha, nice. I’m doing my uppers tomorrow so i can make the 2 hour ride out to the clam boil. Little to much wobble over 45mph

Yes, unt becks!! I have no bump stops on mine right now. I have 2" extended ones out of a grand cherokee that i’m going to shave so they will fit.