posible xj

its not 100% yet but we just got an xj that hit a pole :frowning: and im trying to talk him into letting me get it / part it out. lemmi know if anyone would be interested in parts if i can get it… 93 cherokee country… 4.0 auto… motor might not go if i can save…

if anything will fit my 2000 xj i may be interested.
:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

its the same style… just gotta talk him into it

ok keep me posted

will do… what would u posibly want?

some one should def make an offer on that front axle maybe even the rear

not sure i’d have to see what it has first

I got the ok… So anyone want parts or the whole thing… Im keeping motor nd wireing

whats it got for axles, is the front sway bar in good shape? how about the front sway bar bushings?

ill look into axles and what else… pm me with needs ill get it faster
download (2).jpg
download (1).jpg

it has 3.55 gears… sway bar links arnt to great… could be used but up to u lol… lots of good spare parts tho for you xj owners which is why i tried hard to get it…

all 4 doors $

to be honest i dont know what they go for… make a reasonable offer and there yours…

he wants to sell the rest of the jeep for 600 obo.