"Portuguese Kids" Show to Benefit iPads for Autism

OK folks, another good cause that allows us to pony up a couple bucks in exchange for a good night out.

I bought a table of tickets last minute to help them out. I have 6 spots left and need some help filling it up!

Heres the details.

May 2 Saturday 6-11 at White’s of Westport in Westport, MA (right off i195)

Proceeds Benefit Sophie’s Promise iPads for Autism

$40 ticket includes dinner, show by “The Portuguese Kids”, Dancing to 70’s, 80’s 90’s until 11pm and Surprises.

The Portuguese Kids are a comedy group that basically make fun of Portuguese. If you are Portuguese or grew up with friends who are, I am sure it will hit home. If not, it’s still very funny and a great night out. They have several you-tube hits of skits and stuff. As a Silvia… I find them pretty funny.

Please respond soon if you are interested. I have a lot of feelers out there and I hope to not have any orphaned tickets!

I will update this post with any other tickets available. Kate and I are obviously in, Who is up for some fun?

“I’m a gonna tella you dis a-once-a-more times” LOL!
DAMN! Gotta work so I’m gonna miss the NEA meeting and now this. These kids are HILARIOUS! If your familiar with the Portuguese culture, especially from the Fall River area, they will have you pissing in your pants! I’ve seen these guys in the past, and the two kids that started the group are cousins of a guy that I work with - they’re just nuts! If you go, you’ll have a great time!

Let me talk to nancy and I’ll get back asap…hold 2 for now if you can

Ok jay. let me know

So far were at:

  1. Jay - Confirmed
  2. Nancy - Confirmed
  3. ------NEEDS A TAKER-----
  4. Sold
  5. Sold
  6. sold
  7. Kate - Confirmed
  8. JJ - Confirmed
  9. sold
  10. sold

It would be awesome if you guys can come and can let me know today. I still have 2 more spots. Who else is free?

Tax deductible dinner, comedy show and party?? What’s not to love?!!

We’re in

Awesome Jay, psyched that you guys can make it!

OK, Matt says he is out… I got one more!. Somebody has gotta be interested.

Ask around see if we can find it a home. I already bought it, shame for it to go unused!