P06DE Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Stuck On

My 2017 JK with 20k miles started throwing this error code couple months back. The dealer has replaced pressure switch then the oil filter oil cooler assembly. Still kicked the code brought it back 3rd time now going on second week without my Jeep. The tell me they have to replace the oil pump and some parts are still on backorder.
Oil pump replacement with 20k? Does anyone know if this is an issue with Jeeps or a one off? All warranty but I hate having these clowns inside the engine.

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I have a 2016 Wrangler JK. No issues.

Sounds like they are just throwing parts at it. Oil pump replacement is not overly invasive.

The concept of “oil pressure control circuit” boggles my mind . . .

Just found this…

jk-forum.com/forums/jk-elec … de-341035/

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So the oil pump is electronically controlled. WOW. Just WOW!

Thanks guys. Looks like the pump resolved the problem for one guy in the post. When they finally wrap up this job I’ll post back the results. At least they got me diving around in a new 2018 Ram 1500 with a hemi for the last 2 weeks.

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Oil pump is two speed controlled electronically on late JK’s.

They changed the oil filter type due to a small plastic piece on top that would fly off when the oil filter cover was removed.

It’s usually not the pump itself, but part of the sensing/control circuit that is bad.

Got the bitch back today, light didn’t trigger when it would have before on the highway. Looks like the oil pump was it.

When they replaced the engine skid there was one bolt that was a total cunt to put in you had to snake a the nut through the cross member and try to align it all up. First thing I checked, they tossed it. Fucking pussies.

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