Replaced a bad hub on my yj and I’m still getting vibrations when I hit 65mph! I’m thinking of having the wheels balanced again. Everything else seems nice and tight. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

what hub did you change. do you have an SYE?

Drivers side hub on the D30. I don’t have a SYE and I’ve never had a problem before. I’ve been running 33’s with the same 3.5" lift for two plus years now, and all of a sudden, I’m getting this freakin vibration! I’m really leaning towards a bad tire issue. My truck was pulling hard to one side because of a tire. After I replaced the tire, the truck runs straight and true.

depending on the vibration it could be ball joint, u-joint or a poor ballace job.
if your drive line was out of wack there would be a bitt of a rattle to the vibe & you would feel it in the floor

Have the tire balance checked. One of the weights could have come off.

pretty much what everyone else said . . . tire pressure, tire balance, front driveshaft u-joints, axle shaft u-joints, tireod ends.

Does the vibration change speed or pitch at all or is just a constant thing after you hit 65? Does the vibration get worse when you give it gas or let off the gas while going over 65? . . . Just a couple of random thoughts I had.

Sometimes a worn front driveshaft u-joint can do funny things with a lunchbox locker in the front, even though technically the locker isn’t engaged on the road per se.

Maybe a tire rotation might be in order to see of the sound follows a particular tire or stays in the same spot.