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Hello all!

My name is Hunter, I have a big red 2012 jk named Allie. I have been a member of bay state for 4 years or so and want the opportunity to get out more. I work on an articulated tug and barge (ATB) so my work schedule is 2 weeks on 2 weeks off and hope my schedule allows myself to get out enough to meet club requirements!

Allie is reasonably well built, she was my daily driver up until a year or so ago, so she is stout enough to get to the trails and get home (knock on wood, watch me break something the first wheeling trip this year)

Hope to see you guys out there!


Have you reviewed this thread yet?

Looking forward to seeing you out there!

Yes, gone through the bylaws etc. paid application fee and applied,

Welcome. There’s a ride this Saturday, if you want to join just sign up in the post. And i don’t recommend talking about not breaking… bad karma… just a matter of time [emoji1787][emoji28][emoji85] … source=app

Sawmill Saturday January 28th

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Perfect, I have upgraded you to applicant status. We will be making membership offers again in a few weeks

Welcome. As Rau mentioned, there’s a wheeling event this Saturday. It’s a fairly easy property and most :unamused: people make it out without any damage.

Welcome and if you like mud, Saturdays trail ride will be very muddy!

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Welcome to the group Hunter.

Nice to have ya.

For this Saturday unfortunately I am still at work, i will be attending the snow run through the NEA 3/4 and signed up for battlegrounds.




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Welcome to the club!