PC Repair

Hey guys, I’m trying to get a little side business going. Fixing and building PC’s. If you know anyone that needs their PC fixed or needs a new one built mention me please.

cool. good luck.

my puters are workin fine at the moment. but do u know anything about stereos? got a pioneer head unit that dont work

I’m good with installing and setting up, but when it comes to troubleshooting I’ll be of no use sorry. Generally when a head unit isnt working something is usually burnt out on the board and I hate soldering lol.

I know Stickman is going to need your help soon, his laptop is slower than a snail :laughing:
Good luck with your new side job :wink:

sorry, i don’t have any computers needing fixing either, but good luck to you and your new business :sunglasses:

My home computer just died. Working one second, dead the next. Its a real dinosaur that I cobbled together several years ago from a bunch of parts. Hopefully the hard drive did not crash. Maybe you can do a quick diagnosis? Any lines on newish hardware? I’ll try to give you a call ASAP.

Sure gimmie a call 269-9628

Can I call you tommorow? My Dell just crashed and won’t start back up.