im looking for parts for my TJ. where would you say is a place to get accessories for a cheap price.

Crown Automotive in Dedham, MA has always been very good to us. Just tell Jeff that you are with OSJ and he will hook you up.

what are you looking to pick up. Jeep’n Stuff in Warwick can order stuff for you as well.

Just upgrades. lift kits, bumpers, and stuff like that. This is my first jeep and just curious on where to find some good deals. ive always been a pick-up man.

how big are you looking to go? how much are you willing to spend?

Gotta love Ebay. Usually the best prices out there

if you’re staying mild on 31’s/32’s just do a 2" Budget Boost lift. if you want to do 33’s or 35’s do at least a 3.5" full suspension lift with at least adjustable rear control arms. i bought my first lift used. don’t waste money on new stuff if your gonna stay mild for only a little while. Crown Automotive treats us well and they have a budget boost lift for as cheap as you will find anywhere else.

I know a guy selling good tires :wink: