Parts needed

I am looking for some parts to do an AW4 conversion on my TJ.

  • TJ automatic brake pedal and bracket
  • JB Conversions super short SYE
  • HP30 with 3:73 or 4:10 (preferred to match my 8.8)

XJ I-4 & some V6 = may have 3.73, 4.10, or 4.56 gears may have vacuum discos

a 4 cyl YJ will have 4.10, I think TJs are also 4.10 if you get a 4cyl… or a rubicon TJ will have 4.10… :laughing: those are really easy to find… :wink:

I am looking for a HP30 from an XJ. The tj is a lp and i am not sure on the YJ.

i believe the Yj is an HP but has a smaller u-joint

yj are leaf sprung you would have a lot more work getting that switch done. find an XJ 30HP and regear it

i have a hp30 outta an xj but the gears are 3.55

Thanks but then I would have to regear right away. I have 3:73’s now and a 8.8 with 4:10’s

shouldn’t be hard to find used 410 r&p. I just recently scrapped a 410ring and gave the pinion to derrick

yj d30 have the vacuum disco axle shaft on pass side anyways, stay away

how much do you want for it?