parking lights won't shut off

so a couple of hours ago i looked out the window and the parking lights on my 97 jeep grand cherokee were on. but when i went to shut them off the switch was in the off position. when i turned them on they got alittle brighter. but they will not shut off. i have automatic lights. anyone run into this before?


Had the same thing happen with my dome lights. They would not shut off. I ended up just pulling the fuse.

I’ve heard that this can happen because of something going wrong in the body control module. I vaguely recall reading that a bad light switch can also cause similar behavior. You might try searching on JeepForum.

I have been reading post till my eyes got blurry so far what I have found is that it has something to do with the automatic light relay that I have yet to find

I found it!!! I pulled one fuse at a time and when I pulled the fuse for the rear wiper. The lights went out.

did you have to change the fuse or did you just pull it and forget it about it?

I pulled it and forgot about it the fuse was still good it must be back feeding through the motor. Maybe when it is warm out I will try to find out more. I am just happy I found it and don’t have to undo my battery everytime I take it somewhere

Well duh!! That should have been obvious. :mrgreen:


Hey just found out my rear wiper still works with the fuse out. But only when my lights are on.

Inspires alot of confidence in the whole system don’t it?

Ya not so much.