Ok lift tech help needed

I want a budget lift but good performance on street too my budget with wheels and tires is 3k max I was thinking 2.5" full suspension lift with 33" BFF all terrains … And go!

What is the model of the Jeep, and year, axles? If you have a YJ lift kit will be cheap, if you have a JK then you are looking at a bit more coin.

I think it’s a TJ. 33’s might be a bit tall for a 2.5 lift unless you do a decent amount of bumpstop. If your will to deal with that. Go for an inexpensive lift because you’ll eventually want to go taller. 4 inch is a good height for 33’s but that requires a bunch of other upgrades

If it’s a TJ and you are doing the install yourself go with the 4" now( make sure you get a kit with adjustable arms). Install is fairly straight forward if you have a day to to commit to.

If you have a TJ… I would suggest a Zone 4.25 combo which is a 3" suspension / 1-1/4 body lift. The kit comes with everything you would need. If you go this route, I would suggest the standard shocks.


I also opted for an adjustable track bar, steering stabilizer and longer brake hoses. The hoses are really not needed but mine were shot so why not and you can skip the track bar but you will have to drill one new hole.

Come take a ride in mine if you want to see how it handles. I drive 30 miles, mostly highway each way and love the ride. I also recommend going with Duratac 33’s… great on road and good off road…

05 willys edition

its a tj

I’m running 33’s with only about 2 - 2 1/2" lift. It only really rubs where you slam you fender into trees or concrete poles. :unamused:

^^^^ :laughing: …yeah, some of those shopping plaza’s have a 7-8 trail rating :astonished:

I have 33"s with an OME 2.5" heavy duty lift for the past 4 years. Its a great lift till you know what you really want to have. I have a heavy front and rear bumpers, winch so you can start putting armor on without having to worry about losing any height.

I run 33’s with a 2" BB