Ocean State Jeepsters 4th Annual Clam Boil

Ocean State Jeepsters will be hosting their 4th Annual Clam Boil on Saturday June 13th 2015 from 12:00-4:00 at the picturesque Seaconnet Sportsmans Club at 145 Sakonnet Dr. in Portsmouth, RI. On the menu will be steamed clams, chowder, sweet corn, potatoes and chourico, non-seafood option, and soda/water. This event is open to the public and space is limited so be sure to get your tickets early. Tickets will be $25 a person.

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Paid. I have 2 10x20 tents and one of them has four sides. Please let me know if you need them

hey folks. we have just over a week to go until kickoff and have just 13 tickets sold. we’d like to hit a minimum of 80 tickets. with your help we can get this done…if every member accounted for one ticket we’d be well on our way, now if you accounted for two we’d be sold out. so please, if you plan to go, or know anybody who’d like to attend, sell them a ticket. I have tickets in hand if you prefer cash sales, otherwise you can follow the link on first post to purchase online


2 tickets purchased!!

Come on people. This event is a fund raiser for YOUR club and we need all of your support to make it a success and it’s also a great social gathering for a lot of you new members to get to know everyone and exchange your Jeep ideas.

I bought two tickets. Friend of mine is coming.
looking forward to it. close to home as well.



Bought our 2 tickets.

Slowly getting there. Up to 26 online sales.

How many tickets have been sold offline?

I’ll know better be end of weekend, prob around 15 or so

Just 3 days until ticket sales close folks!!!

Monday midnight is the deadline, hope you all can make it

2 tickets paid!

we have JUST 44 tickets sold, 6 days left to event and one day left until ticket sales close. if you haven’t bought your tickets yet now is the time. ideally we need to be at 70 for a successful event
hope you all can make it, should be a great day



up to [size=150]67[/size] tickets sold…if we could just get another 15 or so

whos next?

Keep registration open until Wednesday?

was thinking one more day…we will be cutting it close on getting food ordered

I was really looking forward to this. Sorry to say can’t make it have a family grad party I need to be at.