OBD 1 scan tool

any body have access to an OBD1 scantool
need to check out my father in laws 96 cutlass ciera

You know I do!

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as I understand it, most major chain part stores carry these and will read a code for free…

Not OBD1. Only OBD2.

Didn’t they switch to OBD2 in 1996? Or was that just for jeeps?

Every 1996 production Wrangler sold through dealers was powered by an antimatter computer which was prone to failure and would send the vehicle into an alternate dimension. That is why you can’t find that model anywhere…

Understood and that’s why you will never find a 96 wrangler. Mike is asking to scan a cutlass ciera. And I know that my Cherokee is a 1996 and it needs an OBD2 code reader not a OBD 1. Is it just my Cherokee that converted in 96 and no other vehicles made that year?

I think you are right Chris, 96 is a common year for cross over to the new CMS because EPA, CARB and SAE mandated it in 1996. There are some cars that converted earlier to OBDII. Remember Jan 1 1996 was the build date cross over, so many vehicles begin OBDII in the MY 1997 since they were produced in 1996 for october 1996 sale as 1997 MY.

I had a cutlass myself. I think OBDII is 1997 cutover MY.