North Attleboro Car Show - Kids Day, 2016

Kids Day is the biggest town event for us North Attleboro folks. It is a family friendly traveling amusement park, complete with rides, games, cotton candy and typical Carni folks. :slight_smile: The blade meat sandwiches are the BEST and there is live music on the stage too - EZ Top (ZZ Top tribute band) will be performing.

It is a weekend-long event that starts on Thursday, July 7th. They have a car show in the field from 6-10 and I thought it would be fun to represent OSJ. We are more than welcome to attend, as long as there are NO BURN OUTS and NO TEARING UP OF THE FIELD. . We will meet up at the Showcase Cinema in North Attleboro at 5:30 and roll out together at 5:45.

Here is the Facebook page if you are interested:

We had a small group show up last year, and I think those that came had a good time. Post up if you can make it this year!

  1. Stacey and Mike
  2. Anthony
  3. Destiny
  4. Laura
  5. ?

We will be there

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I live in attleboro who knew we were so close. I’ll try to make an appearance

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I’m in

Is the car show still on?

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Not sure, I can’t make it. Haven’t had time to sleep.

The car show will still go in, but it is raining here… And since we didn’t have a big response, I would say this is cancelled.

Maybe next year. [emoji6]

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