Nitrogen tanks

I have 3 tanks for I am going to use for nitrogen so I don’t have to deal with a compressor anymore. I am looking to trade one tank for an exchange of one regulator and one or two valves. Any interest LMK.

what are you looking to get for a tank? How large are then 10 or 15 pound?

I will check on the size for you and get back to you this weekend. I just need a regulator or the cash equivalent.


Why nitrogen? When I was reading up on what to use for onboard air co2 was the better choice. The main reason being that when you fill a tank with nitrogen it stays in gas form. When you fill the same tank with co2 it compresses in to liquid form. The expansion rate for liquid co2 to gas is 8x. So one fill of the same size tank of co2 is 8x one fill of nitrogen.

I had a brain fart I did actually mean co2, thanks :slight_smile: