Newport comedy tickets to Ron White

Hey guys I’m trying to sell theses, I forgot my bachelor party is the same weekend as these tickets and the fiancé will be in Texas for a coarse. If anyone is interested selling them for $55 each.

i’m interested… in the bachelor party… good luck with the sale. have you tried to post them on craigslist?

Not yet that was my next spot, wanted the club to have first pickings!

when & where is this?

Tater salad!

they are for Sunday August 14th 2011 at 7:30pm in Newport at the yacht club events center near the Red Parrot. they are Sec E row 14 seats 5 and 6. If you want them give me a call 619-200-7148

P.S. the better seats were like $300 each in the center sections, I tried but they sold quick. The view is not bad from any seat at this place if you have been there you know. I have now been to 2 shows there John Pinnette and Bob Saget and each time were great…

You also known by Tatar … Tatar Salad? Ron- Yup!! hahaha…

Ron gets drunk and smokes on the stage absolutely funny!! haha

Been in Europe, hope I’m not too late. Still available?

Yes! Just let me know if you still want them shot me a text or a phone call 619-200-7148

I’ll text you later tonight. Need to clear it with the boss. :wink:

I hear ya!! haha… Yea man just let me know… We can meet up at the next event or anytime you are free brother…

Hey, are you still interested in these tickets?