New to the Jeep CJ7 World

Hello everyone! I just recently purchased a 1985 CJ7 and was wondering if anyone had any recomendations on who is a reputable mechanic and shop where i can have some stuff costomized like the interior and exhaust. Also wanted have someone look and see if they can help with the “death wobble”. I live in the Exeter area and looking for some recommendations.

Crawl Daddy is in Attleboro

DW in a CJ, i would check tire balance, worn steering components. not much to leaf sprung jeeps imho. i went to Cory’s in Warwick RI. good guy, he’s a race car mechanic

To add to Derick, I would also check and/or repack your front wheel bearings, and check for play in your steering shaft.

All issues I had at one time or another.

When does it shake

It doesnt as much start to shake as it reaaly pulls to the left when it gets rattled.

I would start with checking Tie Rod ends and Bearings for looseness.

you can check the alignment if a tape measure, pm me some time I can give you a hand

I traced my DW to my track bar… Anything that has play can cause it, do not replace or add a steering stabilizer it only masks the real issue… :sunglasses:

You coil spring guys :unamused:

No track bars on a CJ! :smiley: