New to the Group

Hey whats up guys and gals Erik from west warwick here… Just joined the group… Looking forward to go wheeling with everyone.

Just bought a 99 XJ Sport… Just got to get rid of the rust and some leaks then i should be ready to start.

Welcome Erik! We have a run coming up soon (stock friendly). Submit an application to get access to the events forum…

Welcome to the forum.


When we going to start working on that heep. Just keep beer in the fridge in the garage, well let the wifes deal with the kids lol.

welcome Erik


Here’s some advice no one remembered to tell me “don’t follow Eric” welcome aboard

i tell everyone to not follow Eric. some listen most dont

Welcome aboard!

He’s the one to not follow.

I am always happy to follow eric welcome


I have my moments too :laughing:

WOW Matt - “thems” fighting words!!!

Welcome to the forum Erik.

Welcome fellow XJer