New to the Forum

Hi Everyone,
My name is John and I am new to the Forum.
I am a long time Jeep Owner but new to the off road world.
Looking forward to getting my TJ on a few more trails.
05 TJ (256x191).jpg


Welcome. Sign up for the Toy Run!

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks, I have signed up already for the Toy Run. Looking forward to it.
Are there many going to NH this weekend.

Welcome and don’t worry, there are are a lot of experienced jeepers here that are more then willing to teach you all you need to know.



Welcome to the forum, John… and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!




Welcome To forum and I will be in NH this weekend.

welcome to the forum yes there are a few that are going up to New Hampshirelooks like a pretty good group how did you hear of the clubalso if you do not go to New Hampshire this weekend there’s a Halloween party hosted at my house a lot of the Jeep stirs will be there toook Who am I kidding the whole party is for the Jeepster

I am the Sales Manager at Paul Bailey’s. I was introduced to the club when you had the Ocean State Jeep Festival here in August.
I am definitly going to NH this weekend but thanks Anyway.

welcome John

Welcome aboard