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Hey guys. Names Jeremy. I know a few of the members here already and am looking to join a club that’s more active in southeast CT where I live now. I’ve got an XJ on 35’s. Long arms. Locked front and rear with 4.56 gears. Hydro assist. I also have a YJ that’s been off the road for a while that I am finally starting to work on again. I helped Calvin build his blue MJ for those of you that have met him.

One note is I did put the wrong username in my application. RedJeepster instead of RedJeepster1.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting more of you guys in the future.

Here’s a photo of the Jeep from Jericho last year.


Welcome aboard, we have plenty of legal opportunities for you to get the rig out.

Got an email that my account was “activated” but it referred to the wrong username. The one I mentioned in my first post.

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So since I posted up here and sent in an application, nothing else has happened. Still can’t see anything on the forum here. Is something messed up or did I miss something?

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Welcome to the forum!

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Waiting to here back about my application as well

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I’ll do my best to answer your question. If I remember correctly, it’s only after you pay the membership fee do you see the rest of the forum. I’m not sure who is in charge of approving the applications, but there could be a backlog.

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Ok, I was just curious because it’s been a couple months and I hadn’t heard anything. We are well into the wheeling season. I’d love to get out and meet some more of you guys.

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Hope you had fun wheeling today at shoots and ladders.
I’ll see you around

Definitely had a great time in the woods today! Glad I got to meet a bunch of you.

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