New Member from Richmond

I have been meaning to get this done for a while. Being at the festival last Saturday lit a fire under my butt. Application has been sent. Cant wait to get out to the next meeting/event and get to meet everybody.

Welcome to the fourm.


Welcome to the forum.

welcome to the farm be sure to check out the pic roast sure to be a great time

Welcome to the board.

Fourwheelerjamie ment the pig roast. It is a great time.

Welcome, if you can, come to our meeting this sat. It’s on

The club meeting on Saturday would be a great way to learn what this club is all about. Attendance at a club meeting is also a membership requirement. No worries if you can’t make Saturday. The next club meeting will be in November. See thread in the Events forum for details.


welcome to OSJ

Thanks guys. Jamie I think you might have left a card on my jeep at my buddies house on shermantown road at least the card said jamie. I’d like to be there sat but I wont be around the next two weekends. I’m planning on the pig roàst and wil be at the meeting in Nov.

Hello from Johnston !

welcome aboard

Ok I’m not voice texting now yes at tom murphy I bet and yup it was me lol welcome aboard

welcome., the pig roast will def be a fun time. no worries on the meeting it wont stop you from being able to attend events


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That’s the guy. Can’t get to the meeting but will be at the roast. Pay pal is the best way for tickets ???

Yes. Go here for details: