NEW member from Cranston

Phillip 99 XJ Sport 4.5" RC Lift & 32" Tires

welcome to the forum

welcome Phillip.

we have a couple fun events coming up in the next couple days and some trail rides in the next couple months so be sure to fill out an application if you’d like to attend.

ok cool, i just submited the App!!!

ok, got it. that should open up a couple more forum sections including the events section. check it out and hopefully we’ll see you out there soon.


ill catch you guys at the Clair Jeep rally

Welcome Mr Anderson, Agent Smith Matrix voice

welcome, always good to have another XJ around.

LOL, and thanks


Welcome to the forum.



welcome to the forum

welcome to the forum

I’m also new & from Cranston. Where abouts in Cranston are ya from? I’ve been seeing a nice dark green lifted XJ around my area (stadium) lately.


I’m at the end of ponitac were it turns to East st, then Mayfied ave. On Mayfield(near Phreds Drugs)

Btw I have a White XJ lol

ahh you are right around the corner from me. i live in the neighborhood behind Phred’s