New here: Hoping to join in some events

Hello! I’m new to this forum and noticed that there are a couple March events on the calendar, but am not sure about the details, time/locations, or if I need to be an official member to join the events (I’m definitely interested in becoming a member!). I’ve been a Jeep owner most of my life, except for when my kiddos were too little for one. Now I have a 2019 Wrangler, and have recently purchased an 04 Rubicon I’m trying to revive. Would love to get some off roading miles under my belt with the '19 before the 04 comes home, but I don’t know the spots and don’t have a crew with the same interests here in RI.


Now is the perfect time to apply. We have made spots available recently and you are able to participate in the “member” events from day one of an accepted paid Probationary Membership.

Read the full Bylaws and remember that our club is all about Trail rides, but equally about leveraging membership and actions to promote the sport and to secure new and lasting relationships with property owners so we can always have the best collection of sites to wheel without adding to the stigma of dangerous, destructive illegal offroaders.

There are a handful of events that are open to non-members. Those may be impacted by the COVID restrictions this year. Best bet is to join for a year and get the full experience. Members have a chance to wheel at least once per month, sometime 2 times per month! If not, check here under public events and subscribe to the Facebook page where we do the public event promotions.

Hope to see you join.



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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I look forward to joining.

Quick question, once a member, do I need to be on Facebook to get information about events or can I get info here on this forum (or elsewhere?)


This forum is the official communication channel. All event announcements and other business is conducted within the members-only section of the forum (which is not visible to non-members). In fact, maintaining a forum account is a membership requirement. For convenience, event announcements are also posted to a members only Facebook group.

Thank you Eric! That is very helpful to know :slight_smile: