New Guy

Hey everyone,
New guy from Cranston. I’m looking for a YJ! I have a 99 WJ but it’s a grocery getter that my girl drives more than I do lately! haha

Found a YJ a few days ago but ended up having a ton of frame rot. I want a project but that one was a little too much project for me. If any of you guys know of any YJs in the $4,000 and under range drop me a PM!

Looking to join your club once I find a YJ! I used to wheel my old XJ up in Vermont , nothing extreme though so I’m a novice wheeler but nothing getting stuck a few times can’t fix!

(Mizz over on jeepforum)

Hi Mike, welcome to the forum!

Thank you. Nice Jeep you have there, I love them JKs! Once I pay off my boat I’m going to opt for one of those beautys haha.


welcome to the forum.

welcome to the forum Mike

if you’re on facebook at all there is a NE offroad trading post forum that always has rigs for sale. there is a supposed real nice rot free built up YJ on there now but it’s going for 5000 i think.

Welcome to the forum! Hope to see you around… We have a pig roast coming up that you wont want to miss!

Thank you for the Welcome. Think I’ve seen your Jeep at the Oakland Beach cruise night ?

I do have Facebook so I will check that out thanks for the info. I’m looking for one that is still comfortable for daily driving. A stock one is even fine with me so I can add my own lift/tire combo.

Either way I’d like to have one soon! I’ve looked at 3 (two 94s and a 96). Two were roted other had over 200k (which is okay but guy wanted all the $ for it). If you guys allow stock WJs to join I’ll join up! haha


I have seen that one for-sale, shoot him an offer, i bet he would take 4k, … =1&theater

Welcome BTW lol

ya, he’s finishing a buggy so cash money talks the loudest

as far as the stock WJ goes… we have guys in the club that never even wheel so put in an application to join and get started

Welcome to the form mike, hope to see you around

YA another yj guy


Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum…


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I didn’t make it out to the Oakland Beach show last night but hopefully next time I’ll be there. Maybe one of you guys can show me how to get my stock WJ tires on one of those rocks you all park on. :laughing:



they sure showed me how to get the tranny pan on my stock zj on one at the sawmill run earlier this year lol (i needed a reason to buy 33’s and a long arm kit!!! after that run my girl did not bat an eye when i said i had to “fix” the jeep)

welcome to the club and you couldn’t of picked a better one to join it is an amazing group of people we got here.