New guy from West Greenwich

Hey guys. My name’s Zach and I just moved into Greenwich/Warwick area from Cape Cod. Always been apart of a few local clubs with my old XJ, but haven’t had the time since moving down here with the new jeep. Looking for some guys to go on wheeling trips with! Had another JK guy lead me here.

I go to NEIT for networking, and work at the local Best Buy in Warwick. You might have seen me parked out front. I drive a 2012 Black 4-Door on 37" Nitto mud grapplers. It’s still a virgin to the trails, and I plan to change that by this summer.

Here’s my money-pit:

Welcome! You get girls to wheel with too. :wink:


Don’t forget to e-mail an application:

Once your app is recieved you will have access to the Events forum.

About time you posted up on here. Now get your boy with the red xj to post up too. Welcome

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the forum

welcome Zach, we have a lot going on this year and plenty of chances to go wheeling. hope to see you out there soon.

WELCOME! nice jeep by the way!


Welcome to the forum, Zach. Nice to meetcha!

and yes, there are girls here too! :open_mouth: :laughing:


Welcome! My buddy Jay who works with you told me about your rig…looks good!

Welcome. Very nice rig

Welcome Zach !!

Welcome to the forum Zach. And nice rig!

Welcome from another Jeep girl!