new guy from warwick

hello all i am jamie i own a 06 tj i have seen a lot of your rigs all over the state and lookforward to meeting you all at a meeting and become a paying member of the club i have a list of parts to put in my jeep starting this weekend i will install a 6in lift a set of tires waiting on a sye and tom woods drive shaft also looking for a 8.8 axel if anyone has one forsale rather help out a club member then the junk yard i am prety new to this i have wheeled with my brother and his club down south a bunch first time building my own rig if any one needs a set of hands anytime let me know more then willing to help anyone out thanks agin

welcome Jamie. i have an 06’ as well. if you need a hand with anything let me know. i live in warwick as well

derick i might take you up on that some time i would do the same for you if you ever need a hand and for work i do pest control and wildlife traping if anyone in the club needs anything let me know

Welcome Jamie. We could use some pest control around here . . . :mrgreen:

Sounds like you have a solid plan. The trick is to do everything in steps. Otherwise your build gets in the way of wheeling.

P.S. Did you send in an application? I can’t seem to find it . . .

i do have a plan but want to get the stuff that is first to break out of the way so i dont become that guy on the trail that had to be drag home or out of the woods if all goes well and money keeps rolling in want it done before june but ill wheel it if i can before then any one know how hard it is to get the 8.8 on the tj looks like a lot of others here have done it

eric no i can right now if you wish was not sure how that worked if i had to come to a meeting first

eric i will get that over to u as soon as i can

No worries. Breakage is part of the game. The trick is to be prepared. We can replace front axle shafts in like 15 minutes.

The single biggest upgrade you can do is swap in an 8.8. Coming in at a close second is alloy shafts up front. I used to be big on steering upgrades but after seeing just about every steering upgrade on the market get bent I’m concluding its easier to just carry stock spares.

thanks eric i cant wait to wheel and see the trails they have here i am use to drive 19 hrs to go wheeling with others down south i really do want a 8.8 that is my next step

18 hours? Damn. I thought is was bad that we usually have to drive an hour or two.

If you are free Sunday then you might consider riding along with somebody. I already have passengers but the other guys might have an open seat.

I would enjoy that if some one has a open seat let me know

Wecome… I am also in Warwick if you need help let me know also

i did the 8.8 swap, one of the best things i’ve done. you’ll really want it once you put on those 35’s but 4.10’s should pull them nicely i can do 65mph up hill in 6th, step on the gas and still pick up speed without having to downshift with 33’s.

Welcome Jamie, I too am in Warwick, Glad to see another tj owner here.
Eric is definitely right Mods get in the way of wheeling

I will do my nest to get them done with out getting in the way pf wheeling it

just want to say thank you to everyone for the warm welcome and if anyone does have a open seat in their rig ill help with gas or something let me know thanks agin

Check the events forum. There is a thread for the snow run. Post up in there. My daugher and her bf will be riding with me but I will be leading one of the trails which means hiking, spotting, and taking pictures most of the time. Worst case you can jump in with us. . . and maybe pry my daughters hands off the wheel for a few minutes.

Eric I well try that and I have no problem with walking spotting or taken pic ill help in any way I can I know how hard it is to drive spot and take pic ill take the pic if. I find a empty seat

I dont have a back seat but you can take a blanket and sit on my spare tire lol.