New guy from providence

Just picked up a 2009 jeep wrangler unlimited sahara… cant wait for my 5 in lift to show up but will prob stay stock for next couple of months. :frowning:
had a 1986 chevy with a 10in lift 42in micky tompson rock throwers growing up so cant wait to get back in the mud. Can’t wait to meet you guys at the next mee


Don’t forget to e-mail in an application:

Once the app is recieved you will have access to the Events forum.

We have a trail ride this coming Saturday and our quarterly club meeting w/ bbq on Sunday. Come on out.

Cancel that! See you this weekend?

You sure will!!! :mrgreen:

Welcome to the forum.


Welcome and good luck with the new toy

Welcome! You picked a good weekend to start! Usually people have the run requirement, but its forever before they hit a meeting! You get both in your first weekend! See you there!





See you tomorrow on the trail.