New guy from N. Attleboro

Hey ladies and gents.

My names Kenny, took me awhile longer then I hoped to join the board but I finally did. Anyways I’ve been to a few of your guys festivities as mostly a Lurker.

CJ is the one who drags me along so you can blame him.

Anyways I have a 95 wrangler pretty much the way I want it. Just need a 8.8 and Cv shaft and ill probably call it quits. Pics avail upon request.

welcome to the forum




If you want to keep up-to-speed on events then you should e-mail an application:

Welcome to the forum.

welcome to the forum Kenny

Welcome to the forum, Kenny! We are in N.A. too… where abouts are you?

High St, past the blinking lights. You might have seen my Jeep, it has Christmas lights on the spare tire, tis the season. Where are you located?

Ill fill out the app tomorrow after work.

Oh yea… we saw you crossing route 1 the other night. We have a lit up wreath on our spare tire. We are behind the super 8 motel.

Let me know if you ever need a hand with the Jeep, always looking to meet new jeepers.

i work up the road in Plainville. Red TJ

Yup I drive past it all the time. You work like 8am till around 4.30 pm don’t you?

When my Jeep was stock I wanted it to be just like yours lol.


Yeah that probaby sounds bad. But I do drive by about 4 tines a day every day. I actually think you work with my neighbor. Drives a little silver suv?

Russ? lol, small world

i must have seen you drive by then. i always park on the street with the hopes that some Jeepers will see the windshield sticker and check the club out.


Hey Kenny glad you found you way over. Like everyone said fill out the application and then you can see more of the forum and hopefully join us for some trail rides ect.

Welcome. my brother inlaw has seen your jeep around town. He lives in n attl. And Derick I did not know u work around there. My brother inlaw has been asking me if I knew that jeep with the OSJ sticker. Good advertising. Lol

lol, i thought it was a good spot