New Guy from Lincoln

Hey everyone, the names Nick. Driving a 4dr Rubicon, nothing special on her yet, but she can take a beating. Hope to see you all at the next event.

Welcome Nick!

Be sure to e-mail in an application:

Once we get the app you will have access to additional forums including the Event forum. We have lots coming up including Great American Jeep Rally, a pig roast, trail rides, toy drive, and more. Some of us also make an appearance at the Oakland Beach car show every Tuesday evening.

Welcome to the forum


Welcome to the forum Nick…

Welcome to the forum

Welcome to the block.

HI Nick, I grew up in Lincoln, welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum, Nick!

I also grew up in Lincoln.

Do you know Steve Brunelle?


I’m in Lincoln, and I don’t recognize either of you. But, maybe that would be differnet if I saw you in person.

well it’s about time it only took months of me telling you to join, a car crushing car show and a 2am tow. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: but welcome nick!!!

No sorry I don’t know Steve Brunelle - but I know a Tammy Brunelle. Stalked Steve’s FB page, I’m older than he is. I graduated in 1989.

What’s up Nick , See ya on the trails

Welcome from Cumberland

Welcome to the board!

Lol having some Jeepsters friends certainly comes in clutch when stuck without one. Thanks Josh.
I’ll be at the fall crawl this weekend. See you guys/girls there!

I have a stalker??? Wow…I feel special.