New guy From Cranston

Jonathan. 1999 XJ. 3.5inch Lift, 31s, Disconnects, Nothing special. Planning on going 4.5inch lift on 32s or 33s in the spring.

What’s up silva its phil (Tasca)

Welcome Jonathan

thanks for your help tonight phil!

No prob, gives me somthing to do lol

Welcome to the forum.




welcome to the forum.

That’s a sexy XJ. Sigh. I miss mine every time I see those.


Welcome to the forum!

thanks guys! Can’t wait for the meets!

Get your app in and sign up for the Jan run only 2 spots left.

i actually just sent my app in maybe 30 mins ago. I’m really hoping i can get one of those spots!

Welcome, nice to have another fellow jeeper in Cranston!



Welcome aboard

Another Cranston jeeper, NICE! I’m over in the Stadium/Cranston East area… you? Haven’t seen that xj around but will keep an eye out… Looks great!