New guy from Charlestown

Thought I would say hi. I currently own a 98 XJ Classic that is fairly new to me. I have always been a CJ/YJ guy but I wanted something new to mess with, so I bought this a few months ago.

I have since put a 2.5" OME lift on it along with every other piece of suspension I could get, new tires, headlight harness, and a bunch of other minor things.

I am trying to track down my vibration in the rear due to lift. I need to grab an angle finder tomorrow and check the pinion angle. I pulled the driveshaft and the ujoint looks fine. Greased the slip yoke and tossed it back on in the same orientation. Vibe got worse LOL. I might just take it up to RI draveshaft and have it balanced for a piece of mind. I really rather not do a SYE yet. Can’t afford it.

Once I get the pinion angle figured out hopefully I can just get some shims ordered and nip this. Does anyone sell them local? I don’t know of a single off-road shop in this state anymore.

Anyway, here is a picture of the heep as it sits now. I know it needs larger tires, but I’m old and this is my fun/winter beater.

IF anyone has insight or thoughts on this vibe problem I would love to hear it.


Welcome Jon!

We have a trail ride coming up next weekend if you are interested.

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Thanks guys. I am interested, if I can get this darn vibe sorted out.

I am taking DS to get balanced and might just drop the TC till I can get thew right shims. I know I will end up doing a SYE. Anyone have a XJ front DS sitting around?

You wont need to change the driveshaft until you have installed the SYE. If you go onto you can usually find some one selling one for arount $40 to $50. I have still have the blocks I used for my transfercase drop before I installed my SYE. If you want them they’re yours.

my guess is a tcase drop will probably solve your problem. Jeff at Crown Automotive in Canton, MA can sell you a SYE for the best price possible.

oh and welcome

Welvome fellow XJ owner!

Of course a t-case drop creates another problem . . . namely less clearance. Your vibe is almost certainly pinion angle. And an SYE by itself will not solve that. Either way you need to shim the rear axle.

Yeah I was driving without a T case drop then put one in and I was all set(99XJ)

I had 4" of lift on my Jeep with an SYE and no shims, and didn’t have any vibration issues.

Thanks for all the replies.

I dropped the DS off at RIDS this morning. I came home and put an angle finder on the pinion and TC.

TC = 6°
Pinion = 4°

So I have a 2° discrepancy. From what I have read, you actually want about -1° to account for wrap when under load. So I think I will try to track down some 3° shims. Preferably in steel/iron.
Anyone have any lying around?

I have the parts to drop the TC, but I rather not. It’s a band-aid.

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Welcome, always nice to see another XJ

I got so excited for a second to have someone to drive with…then realized there is a probably a Charlestown in RI. Damn.

I really need to learn my New England geography.

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I live in gansett if u ever wanna wheel