New Guy From Burrillvile

Hi All, just bought a 2000 XJ a week ago, already been out with it, it’s still stock at this time.


Burrillville PD have been cracking down on Jeeps with tires sticking outside the fenders. Even if only the sidewall is barely sticking out.

thanks Eric…I plan on doin a 4.5" lift from rusty’s along with 31’s, i will be putting flares, bumpers and a rack on at some point

Welcome to the forum! Let’s see some pics of the rig…

welcome to OSJ. We have a lot of real nice XJ’s in our group so if you have any questions make sure you ask.

oh and if you want, throw in an application to the club and i’ll open up the events section for you.

welcome to the forum

I think is just black zj’s

Hey, they let me drive away. Probably because of the gray hairs. . .

Gene is the one who got the ticket!!

I have a buddy with a lifted yj and his tires are definately out past the fenders and they dont harass him…were you driving through town?

I’ll have pictures up later today. cant upload them at work for some reason.

On RT 102. Different officers. Different time of the day.

The sarge must have given them instructions to harrass Jeepers that day.

must have…lol. there always on rt 102.

Welcome to the forum

Im not going in town town again. Had to pay $170 for that

how far out do your tires go. my buddies are atleast 3 to 4 inches over and lives in town with no issues???
i know the bpd can be … , what did they get you for?

Hey, u talkin about me? its a TJ, and yes they stick out of the flares about 4". Oh yeah, and no exhaust from the cat back. Havn’t been stopped yet… :smiley:

Yeah I’m talkin about you…lol. welcome to the forum

Here she is after her maiden voyage last saturday

My yjs with soa and 35s loom small the u can see the whole tire in the back. They stuck out about 6 inchs. No fendefs or wheel flaps and no plate light.