New from westerly ri!

Hi my name is Sierra. I just bought a jeep. And my lift kit should be coming in the mail today! I’m trying to get into the jeep community. Looking for fun places to bring my jeep.

Welcome to the Forum. We have a lot of events happening in the next few months. If you fill out an application you will get access to our event section.

I sent an application on the website to become a member is that what you mean.

welcome to OSJ. we have a ton of events going on in the next couple months so be sure to come out and introduce yourself.


I’d love to get out and meet people … Anything going on this weekend? I’ll be putting my lift kit on my jeep this weekend.


Big River Earth Day clean-up on Saturday. Check Events forum for details.

Thank you! I think I’m going to go! Should be fun.


Welcome to the forum.


Thank you!


welcome and have fun with your new jeep.

Look forward to meeting you see u sat welcome to osj

Thanks! Yes I’m deffinatly going to try and make it out!

Welcome. What part of westerly are you from, my fiancee lived in westerly for awhile.


I live close to black magic car wash.!

Got a few people in my Army Unit that are Westerly Cops.