New from Warwick

Hi does anyone know if OSJ still going to oakland beach on thursday. Would like to meet more members, thanks Scott

I know we were doing it on Tues during the car show but i think that has died down since the sun going down earlier and the chilly weather. I sent you a PM about our quarterly meeting coming up oh yeah welcome to the forum lol

Thanks Matt


Be sure to e-mail in an application. Once we get the application you will be able to see the Events forum.

welcome Scott


Welcome to the forum…

Welcome to the Forum Scott!

Welcome to the forum, Scott. Looks like Warwick is taking over in these parts! LOL

welcome to the forum
& Warwick RULES


Maybe we should start our own Warwick jeep club!

Welcome I am sure u have seen are jeeps around warwick. We should post up a sat. Or Sunday meeting for. Some of the new guys to come out and meet us if I find a nice day maybe. Ill post it up soon.

You guys are more then welcome to come to the tech day at my buddies house right by Hans

Welcome to the forum.